Plan We

Action brings hope

It all began during the first months of the Covid pandemic. There was no curfew in Finland, and thus a group of middle-aged people ended up meeting in parks and playgrounds and over wine-fuelled video calls, discussing societal issues with people with whom they hadn’t talked about these things before. It felt inspiring. 

The question on everyone’s lips was: what can we do? Not just about Covid – about wider societal issues: climate change, human suffering, harmful mass phenomena. Someone came up with the idea of founding a Think-and-Do Tank. Someone else’s idea was that we should get in touch with existing activists, and ask them how we could be of help. Climate activists and researchers welcomed us with open arms; they became us, and we became them. The groups began to mingle. 

There were some hard lessons to learn: still are. Do we dare to think, to act, and then think about action?

Join us!